Kathy Rowe

  • ARCB Certified Reflexologist (Hands, Feet, Face & Maternity)- The Academy of Reflective Wellness

  • National Certified Healing Touch Practitioner- Healing Beyond Borders

  • Certified Ion Cleanse Detoxification Practitioner- A Major Difference

  • Aroma Therapy & Essential Oil Consultant

For 35 years my BS degree in early childhood education and special education served me well. My heart has been filled with the passion for teaching elementary and middle school students in Davie County. In 2006 I became a N.C. Nationally Board Certified Teacher. After retiring in 2011 I began mentoring first and second year teachers. I continued to enjoy working in the classroom with teachers and students but my role had definitely changed. I wondered what my purpose was and what my next journey would entail. Seven months later the wonderment of my purpose in life was answered when my husband, Mike was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. For the next three years, I was given the opportunity to watch and participate in how modern medicine and holistic medicine when combined could work together to help cure and heal the Love of my life. Mike received several months of chemotherapy and two stem cell transplants. While Duke’s bone marrow clinic used modern medicine and the scientific approach, I experimented with the importance of human touch, detoxification, essential oils, prayer, and compassion. That is what led me on my holistic journey with Reflexology, Ion Cleanse/Detoxification, Healing Touch and the use of essential oils.

When you visit Time To Balance you are greeted with a warm sincere smile and an open heart. Whether you have a reflexology session, Ion Cleanse/ Detoxification, or Healing Touch it is all about you and what your needs are. From the minute you walk in you will start to slow down and unwind. Come see me, take a breath, feel the tranquility and listen to the soothing music to help you relax, melt your stress away and enjoy some escape time just for you. I am committed to helping you balance your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.